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Any ideas for Kochi Metro?

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  1. Congrats Mr. Elias George and everyone at KMRL. Finally, its a reality.

    I’m a resident of Kochi and by far I can say, the development initiatives in Kochi city happened at an unprecedented phase, thanks to Kochi Metro. We have wider and better roads, more number of overbridges, cycling lanes, Non-motorised transport corridors, legible signboards, better sewage ducts and an improvement in overall infrastructure of the city.
    I have the following suggestions to make:

    1) Rainwater harvesting of the rainfall on the viaducts.

    2) Heard that the Kaloor-Kadavantra road was entrusted by GCDA to KMRL for beautification. Well, its an exciting news for any Kochiite because we know how the road is going to shape up. Take up more roads similarly (I know its easier said than done, still) and continue with the impetus on Non-motorised transport.

    3) Plant more trees, as promised, this monsoon.

    4) Cochin Corporation should ideally subsidize the ticket fare since it will help keep a lot of vehicles off the Kochi roads.

    5) Since buses carry a chunk of all the passengers in the city, wherever possible try creating a lane (with a continuous yellow line) for buses. Impose a fine on vehicles entering that space and also for the buses that come out of that space.

    6) Please give destination numbers to buses. Eg: Punnakkal: 12B, Chernalloor 12C etc

    7) Create and install maps on public spaces/roads that says: “You’re here. Where do you want to go?” and guide the individual accordingly. This will be all the more effective when water transport and the rest of public transport gets seamlessly integrated.

    8) Conduct traffic improvement initiatives for Kochi-ites. We have limited road space that’s anyway not going to increase further. Let the driving habits improve instead. Conduct workshops separately for auto-drivers, taxi drivers and individual city dwellers that brings in them an attitude change in their driving manners. (Suggestion: Inculcate a “You first” culture so that everyone gets his/her right of way). Incentivize taxi/auto drivers by giving them a certification as tourist/passenger friendly if they undergo training for a certain number of hours and clear a simple follow up test based on the training.

    9) Create awareness in schools and colleges about the positive environmental impact of rapid transit systems because of their relatively lesser carbon foot-print.

    Thank you for your time.

  2. Hello,

    It was a proud moment for all Keralites, when Metro did its first voyage in Cochin. Like any other establishment or transport, going forward, the main concern would be the maintenance of the metro. The common people wouldn’t have much control on the budget alloted for the same purpose. But they can help a lot to stop vandalism.
    No doubt, there will be a group of people who wouldn’t care less about our pride(metro) and their standard and vandalise it. To stop them to a great extent, why don’t we have a contact number or email sticked through out the metro, so that if any vandalism is spotted, it can be informed to the concerned authorities and there by them prosecuted accordingly?

    Many Thanks


  3. “ദൈവത്തിന്റെ സ്വന്തം നാട്ടി”ലെ അഭിമാനമായി മാറിയ കൊച്ചിൻ മെട്രോയ്ക്കും അതിന്റെ പിറകിൽ പ്രവർത്തിച്ചവർക്കും അഭിനന്ദനങ്ങൾ..♡♡
    പ്രമോഷൻ സാധ്യതകളിലൂടെ യാത്രക്കാരാൽ നിറഞ്ഞ് കവിയുന്ന ഒരു മെട്രോ ഞങ്ങളുടെ സ്വപ്നമാണ്. പക്ഷെ ജനമനസ്സുകളിൽ മെട്രോയുടെ സഞ്ചാരസുഖവും സൗകര്യങ്ങളും എത്തിക്കാൻ ബന്ധപ്പെട്ടവർക്ക് കഴിഞ്ഞില്ലാ എന്നത് ഒരു യാഥാർത്ഥ്യമായി നിൽക്കുന്നുണ്ടെന്ന വസ്തുത നിഷേധിക്കാൻ കഴിയില്ല.
    ആയതിനാൽ യാത്രക്കാരെ മെട്രോയിലേക്ക് ആകർഷിക്കുവാനുള്ള പദ്ധതികൾ ഉടൻ ആസൂത്രണം ചെയ്യാൻ അപേക്ഷ..വിജയസാധ്യതയുള്ള പ്രമോഷൻ ഐഡിയകൾ ചർച്ച ചെയ്യാനും പ്രാവർത്തികമാക്കാനും താല്പര്യമുണ്ട്.

  4. a stop that leads straight into the Lulu Mall

    • It is upto Lulu. They have to pay for it!!

  5. Hi KMRL,

    Hatts off to all of you, for the dedication and work that you are showing. I am travelling through to metro corridor all the day so I personally can feel the progrees of metro works. My suggestions follows.

    1. After 1st phase you are going to move with 2nd phase I know but its from Kaloor to Info. My humble request is please dont stop after completing 2nd phase, I would suggest there shud be atleast 4 phases.

    I suggest in phase 2 you should include Aluva to airport. Only Delhi metro is plying to airport in India. None of the Mumbai.and Bengluru metro is not. So why cant we run a metro till airport. You.should have included airport in the first phase itself. That.stretch can be completed with the help of CIAL also. Since new terminal is about to finish, more flights will be coming and rush is going to increase only.

    Phase 3: From Vytilla to Muvattupuzha or Thodupuzha. This is the one stretch where metro can generate more income. Only mode of transport to this area is bus, so if we extend metro till there we can attract majority of the crowd to metro. I know land.aquisitn is the problm.

    Phase 4 will be;
    From Vytilla to Cherthala in south side and from Athani to Chalakudi to northern side.Because from these two places more number of peopl come in our city. Advantage of this phase is lack of train on time expcially passenger, overcrowded trains and buses. Land.acqisision wont be a problem.

    2. I totally.hate blue colur city bus but I appreciate the idea and initiative of making private bus workers come under one company. But we have to change the bus design. Just imagine what if these new jeneration non ac bus ply in our city. I would suggest eradicate all this buses and introduce marcopolo buses in the city. Even if tge ticket rate is littel hight, it wont affect because the buses are safe and comfort. If again funding problm, can go for venture capitaling.

    3. Introduce most modern boats at the earliest and make all the ferries to world class level.

    4. Once metro start running, there should be a rule that one personal cars arent allowd inside the city. If you want to go to city use metro. There should be strict campaign against taking car to the city for one person need and if its mor than 2 then its fine.

    • Thank you so much for the suggestions!! We will definitely work towards these dreams..:)

  6. 1. Safety should be given utmost importance
    2. Lifts & Escalators should be there in the stations
    3. Make the Stations Greener (Keep Ornamental Flowers etc..)
    4. Provide shop space (Food,Mobile recharges etc…)
    5. Mutli Layer parking space
    6. Bus connectivity from metro stations

  7. 1.Instead of Paper tickets make it a Card type which can swiped at the station of entr and exit like Singapore Metro.
    2.The attitude of people would not change unless it is a bit strict,therefore I suggest to Keep strict fines on Cleanliness matters and usage of Metro facilities just to ensure metro stay clean and tidy always.
    3.announcements and boards in Malayalam and english.
    4.the route map in each station on how to get to different places from the station.
    5.routine check on the vitals of the metro station like clleanliness,maintenence et all.
    6.aesthetically good stations should be treat for our eyes.
    7.the roads should be widened and should be of proper layout unlike now where the roads are narrow in some stretches and wide in te other which creates bottlenecks and affects the traffic.
    8.the footpaths should of a uniform width along the road and it should be straight and not zig-zag or uneven.
    9.after building a proper layout for the footpaths and road ,impose strict fines on organizations digging ,dystroying these public properties and creating inconveniance for public.they should get prior permission from authorities before doing so.
    10.strict check on private buses plying on the routs.there are many number of people getting hurt everyday because of these people.
    two main dangers kochi faces is Stray dogs and private buses.







  9. Dear KMRL,

    I just saw one video, which I received through WHATSAPP.

    The video is created by Metex Creations – which was impressive for Kerala Standards !
    I live and work in Dubai as an Engineer, and every time I come to India when I see such structures or Projects – it seems incomplete Projects.

    For example, even though you “KOCHI METRO” seems impressive, even in this Promotion Video it looks ugly !

    The Pillars are not painted and there is Fungus already – even in this Promotional video – on the Pillar Joints……
    How ugly it will look in the REAL LIFE after completion of the Project or after one year of Rains and summer or winter !

    It may become a green and ugly to say the least.


    Thanking you

    Ramchandran Payyoor

    • The promotional video created by ‘Metex Creations’ is not done by KMRL. Kochi Metro project is a dream of all Malayalis across the globe. So, everyone has a right to create something of their own.. Can’t help it 🙂

  10. Sir I understand that in next phase you plan to extend metro from Aluva to the Airport – My suggestion is that first stop after Aluva be at Parur Junction and the second stop be at Desom – The reason for suggesting Parur Junction is that it is a feeder for those from Parur/uc college/Kadungaloor etc – Also that it is at distance of 2 kms or so from Aluva station – Also it has a sizable population in nearby thottakkattukara/Siva Temple Devotees etc.


  11. I am sure you might have considered developing parking lots at each stations, so that commuters can leave their vehicles there and board the trains. This will ensure reducing number of vehicles on the city roads once the metro starts operation.
    Once the initial phase is successfully launched, KMRL can think of developing other lines connecting west Kochi, Aroor etc also to the main line.
    I am confident that KMRL will be able to keep the time line and launch the metro as originally planned. All the best

  12. I don’t live in Kochi, but I’d be keen to see an enviable transport system in any Indian City. I read through 90 other comments. I’m distilling them here, and also adding a few.

    1. Put users first: Disabled, Kids, first timers and tourists etc. There are international standards to reduce energy required by disabled and kids, and let’s put those into effect. First timers and tourists need super quick access to information.
    2. Reduce Dwell Time: This is the time taken by the train/coach at each station. This is less a function of station design, and more of the coach. The faster passengers get in or out, the less the train has to ‘dwell’
    3. Intelligent Coach Load distribution. If each coach knows how many people have come in and gone out, then the subsequent stations can inform passengers about which coaches are the least packed. This will also reduce dwell time.
    4. Multi-Mode Exchange. This might be a little late in the day, but stations MUST be closest to every other form of transport, for both people and freight. Ideally they don’t ‘leave’ the ‘premises’ to get into a bus, or a long distance train (Indeed, this was the hallmark of Dadar, Bombay Central and Victoria Terminus Stations all those years ago.
    5. Stations are Architectural and Art marvels. When the private investors are falling over each other building the next biggest, tallest, ugliest malls, the State has an aesthetic duty to foster good visual thinking and culture amongst the population. Better designed, evocative and even provocative station designs may cost a little bit more, but they will go a long way to create the right social culture in the city. At the very least, put curated artworks in each station, rather than fill the walls and pillars with advertisements. Even for the ads, put a minimum standard of acceptance of visual design. Most Indian stations have a jarring experience simply because of this.
    6. Last but not least, a good visual culture fosters and follows a clean culture. Build 5x the number of toilets you need in year 1. Because that’s how many you will need in year 2.

  13. Dear KMRL,
    I live in Vancouver where similar Sky trains are operational.
    Congratulations for Undertaking construction in a scientific manner and that too in Kerala where labour militancy is at peak.
    Please consider parking issues. Here we got very very big pay parking lots and cheaper monthly rates are available. More over if you register and do car pool to station, parking is free
    Considering labour militancy and habit of government employees, Maximum staff must be outsourced from private companies.
    Here in stations no office for station master or other employees. They got Walkie talkies and must stay on Platforms or in trains
    All stations and coaches must be monitored by cameras.
    All pillars and stations can be rented for advertisement which will generate too much income.
    Electronic display boards must be used in Coaches with announcements and advertisements
    Dr Raju P Vasudevan

  14. Waste metro station design.Indian architecture has to change.Its our fate to have such low cost cheap designs for metro.

    But one thing, i thought the design would be “the boring and common” kerala style architecture.BY gods grace it wasn’t.

    The biggest fault in this design is how to change platform if a person wants to.By this design it seems he has to get down and cross the road.What a pitty state of affair.Fate….fate…Fate…..

    • There is a floor between the platform and ticketing area in the ground floor where you can change platforms. It was not possible to detail everything in the miniature. Thanks!!

  15. Hai,
    PLease think about PSD, every persons value more than 65 crores.

  16. Please plan the airport and west kochi connectivity as a separate line along seaport-airport road linking vyttilla hub (Airport-Kalamassery-Kakkanad-Eroor-Vyttilla-Kundanoor-Fortkochi). This airport line can have interchanges with the major hubs in current metro alignment at Kalamassery, kakkanad and Vyttilla. An airport metro coach without luggage racks will be a big discomfort. Hence this airport line can have special coaches to accommodate luggage racks.

    There will be minimal land acquisition until west kochi as it goes along the median. Inside west kochi, metro can go under ground to avoid land acquisition issues.

    Also, please try to include like and dislike in this comment page so that public response on each ideas can be evaluated.

  17. I would like to suggest that there should be a metro museum here in Kochi like the one we have at Delhi.I would also suggest some kind of a metro base schools or other small period training camps for students should be set up.This will help the future generations to know much about the systems & will also be good for students who are really interested in mechanics.

  18. Sir,

    Better transportation system always help the people to commute in better way.The main issue rising in cochin is road traffic is rising day by day. Each day people buy cars and motorbikes for their comfort .Due to downgrade of standards in the present transportation system makes people to think this way.

    As metro rail project can bring vast public attention and will promote the public transportation in massive scale.

    Kochi is blessed with its waterways where still we need to exploit the oppurtunities.As you all know the water transportation is cheapest way of transporation.

    I am thinking of a better way which do not pollute the water and better way of transportation.
    Solar & Electric boats is to be entertained in public transportation.Recently SWTD has given the project to Navalt Solar & Electric boats for manufacture of 20 meter catamaran ferry boat.

    KMRL Should also support mass transportation system through water ways in Kochin. A feasibility study should be conducted.

    There is vast application for electric propulsion in all over india.Kerala should be the role model for this type of propulsion.

    • Yes, KMRL has already started exploring water transport as a efficient solution for the traffic issues of the city. The DPR is ready and submitted to Urban Development Department,Government of India and we are alo in discussion with few agencies for funding. KMRL is considering Water transport as a strong feeder system for Metro.

      • Sir i think by the use of Modern fast ferries or water bus which can use both in land and water will be a good idea for this … the feeder bus can re-route and use the waterways. It will reduce the traffic and also it will be more comfortable for passengers. without stepping down at jetty and then again wait for boat like in the old traditional way . this can be avoid by this method. please think over. it will be more convenient In foreign countries they are using this. ….

        • Connecting Kerala through waterways was a dream of our former president Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

          Improving water transport is a very good way. But strict measures should be taken to avoid accidents.

          • Will definitely do that!

  19. KMRL

    Please Start a Monthly E News letter on your webpage . The new letter could contain , message from MD of KMRL , latest status of work progress in various reach wise , Major event of the previous month , Photos of event & construction progress in previous month & also about the new techniques employed in kochi metro in various field like construction , management , ticketing , security , logistics , smart card etc which will be knowledge for new generation . This could give public a update on the monthly progress of the Kochi metro Construction and activities .
    Expect KMRL will think about such a E – New letter Monthly on the webpage.

    Georgie Samuel

    • We will start it very soon.. Appreciate your suggestion.

  20. KMRL,

    Will it be possible to extend the boat service further from Thevara to Thoppumpady. It would be a great help for us.


  21. Hi Sir,

    I have a request to extend the kakkanad-vytilla boat service till Thoppumpady.So that with the help of feeder buses from Infopark campus,within short span of time we can reach thoppumpady from kakkanad without being congested in the private buses which are unsafe and running faster than suoerfast express.

    Thanking you in Anticipation.

  22. This might be a too much of an ask. But since we are all here to beautify Kochi I would still ask. When KMRL plants the saplings (replacement for trees cut down) please select good flowering trees as seen in Bangalore city..A typical variety is “Jacaranda”..which in flowering season has no leaves and only blue flower petals(very beautiful)…such flowering trees has given Bangalore the name of Garden City. As per what I found out these varieties were not endemic to Bangalore..they were planted. If possible please plant such flowering trees like Jacaranda in Kochi too. On days when it won’t flower it gives good shade like Gulmohar. It was planted on purpose in Thiruvananthapuram’s Kawadiar. But here in Kochi there is not much variety on trees planted near roads. I hope when you do replant the trees, please keep this request in your proposals
    Thank You

    • We will definitely consider your suggestion. Thanks!!

  23. With a great anguish on the terrible performance of KSRTC in operating the JnNURM bus routes in Kochi, I am sending this letter. At the time of fixing KSRTC as the operating agency to Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram Cities, to operate the JnNURM Scheme buses, the State Government mandated that the service routes should be finalized with concurrence of the respective Corporation Councils. But no such actions were done by the KSRTC and they used the JnNURM Scheme buses to operate their regular routes, even majority of the buses are operated outside the Kochi City limit, violating the Central Government guidelines.
    Last week, before the Secretary of Urban Development, Dr. Sudirkrishna, the Corporation officials had undertaken that they will form SPV at the earliest to manage the JnNURM services in the Kochi City.
    In Kochi, we have a specialized agency to manage and regulate city transport, the Kochi Metro Rail Limited, KMRL and they have already prepared a detailed project to co-ordinate the upcoming metro rail, water transport system and road transport facilities. So it is appropriate to replace KSRTC with KMRL to operate the JnNURM city service in Kochi, at the earliest. We have a separate organization to manage the Vyttila Mobility Hub, which has the greater role in regulating the intra city and intercity transport services in Kochi. KMRL can co-ordinate with Vyttilla Mobility Hub Society and utilize its infrastructures. The large area available in Mobility Hub can be utilized as shelter and parking space for JnNURM buses in Kochi.
    So I would like to request the Union Urban Development Ministry, KSUDP and the State Government to entrust KMRL and Vyttila Mobility Hub Society to operate and manage the JnNURM Scheme Buses (120 Non Ac and 50 Ac low floor buses) allotted to Kochi City, without any delay.

  24. There are much talk about Thammanam Pulleppady road development, but nothing is getting materialized apparently due to shortage of funds.

    My suggestion is to do it in phases. Stadium link road is already 4 lane upto pipe line and there seems to be enough land for widening without acquisition upto Thammanam road and further upto the small bridge over the canal. The road divides into two after only a stretch of 200 metres from here and if this portion is developed, four lane possible upto the kaloor kadavanthra Road, utilising existing roads with some traffic arrangement. A proper traffic flow, might require following changes. Vehicles from Bridge to stadium can take a left turn and enter the st francis road, which is to be made one way in opposite direction as present. Through pipe line road (which also have to be one way in this reverse direction) vehicles can be on the four lane stretch of Thammanam Pulleppady thus constructed.
    Existing portion of Thammanam road towards Kathrikkadavu from this junction also to be one way towards Kathrukkadavu. Vehicles from Thammanam road towards Kaloor can still use present passage under the bridge to enter other side.

    This arrangement require developing also the Pulleppady road entry point at Kathrikkadavu junction, but with whatever fund available, this can be achieved and a four lane connectivity possible between Stadium and city centre, de-congesting Palarivattom-Kaloor stretch

    Remaining portion can be developed in second phase with allocation of funds.

  25. I think KMRL should make a park with lake in the middle of 230 acre property to store rain water and reduce the water logging in the area. The earth removed to create the lake can be used to fill the land.

    • Yes, KMRL will address all the environmental issues before starting any development in Muttom area. We are definitely planning a man made lake in that area to maintain the ground water level and to ensure the water flow to prevent water logging in the area. Other measures like rainwater harvesting, solar power generation, and complete solid waste management are also proposed as a part of the development plan

  26. In view of the proposed connectivity from Byepass to seaport airport road in Kakkanad, it will be easier and cheaper to construct the Kakkanad extension from Vytilla along this route.
    Kindly consider the construction of a. Boat jetty at the Infopark at the earliest and increase the water connectivity to IT headquarters from Vytilla instead of cutting short at Kakkanad.

  27. Please Use Solar Powered Lights and fittings in Metro Premises

  28. To avoid severe road blocks from Aluva to Ernakulam South route, please allot temporary stops for all day trains (Venad,Parasuram,Islalnd etc…)at Kalamassery & Edappally stations at least construction time on purely temporary basis. This will advantageous for reducing peak time traffic conjunction .

  29. KMRL,
    The planned Aluva station is around a KM [by walk] from Aluva Railway Station & KSRTC Bus Stand. One of the major attraction of Aluva Railway station was the proximity of the KSRTC stand next to it, making switching mode of transport easy , how ever the metro station sadly not located close to either of these. Living in Aluva I know how easy for many commuters this setup is and was saddenned by your decision to have the metro away from the town centre. Now it would be good if some arrangement can be done to bring all these closer. One suggestion is : have an entrance for the Aluva railway station from the Mini Civil Station/Library Road side and have a wide straight road connecting the railway station with metro station. Secondly make the private bus stand either the terminal bus stand for all bus [including KSRTC] or compulsory stop for all buses.

    • We will have feeder bus services from Aluva Railway station / KSRTC Bus stand to the metro station

  30. I am really happy on the pace of progress @ Kochi Metro with the cout-downs, truly international in strategy. I live in the Europe.
    KMRL should really focus on widening the traffic lanes from Kaloor Stadium till PVS Hospital with stringent traffic regulations as this is the busiest route of the city and the traffic is at a snails pace.

    KMRL should on priority review the status of the Foot-Paths, which is unsafe for the pedestrians as most of the slabs are either worn-out or rusted, KMRL can also consider reducing the width of the Footpaths as most of the foot-paths on either side are under-utilized making way for wide roads for traffic.

    While wishing KMRL an early completion, we Kochities reiterate our best support for early completion.


  31. Hi Sir,
    Thank you for implementing Metro on our small Kerala. I know it would be start on the exact time as we announced. But please kindly make sure our people not misused our metro like dirty usage like spitting, throwing wastage,etc. Needs to be charged HIGH penalty for this misuses and needs to be collect at the same moment. If two times a person charged for high penalty, third time he will think twice before doing that mistake. I wish all the very best for our Kochi Metro.

    Thank you, Jai Hind

    Pradeep Kumar

  32. Thank you KMRL for making this site..I can see the beautiful pictures of 3 cars APM (Automatic people mover) on this site & I am very happy to see becasue its running our Kochi. I really wish the project will be finish as soon as possible&i wish to touch the joystick of our trains because I am a Female train Captain (Completed the training program on APM as a Train Captain at Copenhagen Denmark worked in PNU Riyadh- Saudi)

  33. To reduce traffic in Aluva- Ernakulam route, my suggestion is to divert few Ksrtc and Private buses from Aluva to Fort Kochi/Mattancherry/ Chottanikkara thr Container Road and Airport Seaport Road. Anyway once Metro becomes operational these buses will have to be rerouted. So its better to start doing it now itself

  34. In my opinion it would be really advantageous if KMRL in co operation wit GCDA and Corporation consider building a road flyover at Edapally junction and a multi layer flyover at Vytila juntion. Kochi is a rapidly growing city and in few years even the metro will not deem sufficient to handle the Keralas biggest metro city. Expansion of North overbridge was a great achievement in the history. Simlarly one at Edapali and Vytila will be an absolute necessity. The other issues like parking, safety doors, secuirty, hygiene etc will be well taken care of by KMRL. We Kochites are confident about that!

  35. I’ve lived in Bangkok before. Their metro is the best I’ve seen so far. Absolutely nothing to complain about (both skytrain and underground metro). If we can follow the station layouts and ticketing procedures of their skytrain that would be marvelous. I’m sure KMRL and DMRC would have studied metros in different cities, probably including Bangkok. But, I feel, if we ever need an example of how a metro should be designed and run, look no further than Bangkok. (Till Kochi metro is commissioned 🙂


    The Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), that makes signal contrubutions to Indian space science programmes, owes its existence to the farsightedness and patriotism shown by the then Thiruvananthapuram Bishop in surrendering the coastal land occupied by a local Catholic church in Thumba to ISRO. The Bishop readily agreed to part with the church land when Homi Bhabha, the father of India’s nuclear programme, and Vikram Sarabhai met the Bishop and explained to him about the significance of the Thumba project.
    Nearer home, traffic flows smoothly through the Church Landing Road opposite to Medical Trust hospital in Ernakulam, thanks to the magnanimity shown by the then Veropoly Archbishop in agreeing to the request made by the then Ernakulam District Collector S Krisha Kumar to shift a chapel that existed at the middle of the road, to make way for smooth traffic.
    Now is the time for the management of St Alberts College in Ernakulam to make a similar gesture by transferring the land adjoining St Alberts grounds in Kaloor leased to it by the Kerala Government to KMRL for the Kochi metro. DMRC Principal Consultant Mr E Sreedharan and KMRL MD Mr Elia George have met the college management and apprised them that this land is very important as the nerve centre of Kochi Metro. St Alberts management should take one of the alternative lands offered by them and gracefully surrender the land in Kaloor for the Metro. If they do so in the best tradition set by the Christian leadership in the past, they will earn the eternal gratitude of the posterity.

  37. Thank you Sir for this freedom of speech!

    I learn that the whole metro construction is planned up in phases and so may be this is already in the consideration. It would be good to have a different line (may be at a later phase) connecting Kalamassery via Sea-port airport highway all the way through till Tripunithra thereby making it a circular service.

    On a different note, it would be good to have a website created for travel for Kochi metro (‘’ or something) wherein the customers could avail new/ charge existing travel cards and also browse through timings, routes or whatsoever.

    Thanks and All best wishes to the KMRL team!

    • Dear Sir, We will definitely consider your suggestion. Thanks

  38. After being a passenger in the Metro rail and Mono Rail in many cities across the world, Let me point out few important disabilities of functional Metro Rails in other Indian cities;

    1. Lack of wash Rooms ( TOILETS) at Terminals. This what a major problem in India as per India as per cabinet ministers. At least Metro Rail being built for common people wit tax payers money, may consider this important issue at large..

    2. Please avoid passenger crossing of inbound and out bound passengers with in the terminals. In Bangalore MG Road Terminal and Indira Nagar terminal you can watch many cross over of passengers, which is big concern of peak hours after 10 years… So design Terminal in accordance with out passenger traffic in terminal.

    3. Direct Lift from Ground floor to platform is a must for disable, old people and Sick persons.In other Indian metros… lift goes half way and have to exit and walk to other side and take a second lift to reach platform…
    Please avoid it.

    4. Please fix fans in platform or at waiting places…

    5. Appoint, customer friendly staff or give them training to be plea sent at passengers and showing balloon faces to passengers.

    • Dear Sir,

      Kochi Metro will definitely provide wash rooms in the terminals as far as possible

      And for the old and differently abled persons, we are providing elevators and escalators in all stations

      Thank You

  39. I think platform doors are unnecessary, doors often get jam and very difficult to clean. may be a railing along the edge of platform except at doors. i suggest to build elevated walkways all over the city feeding metro stations with access to flats shopping hospital boat jetty movie theaters colleges restaurants court houses etc. this walkways will encourage walking

  40. This will be a joyful moment when it fulfills,but last month my neighbor lost his life because of the conjunction in the roads, surely I will not blame anybody but I have a request that please list out those who lost there life, and please remember them when this dream fulfills so that there family will be grateful to our state and country.

    • Thank you so much for your suggestion. We will definitely try to do it. Their sacrifices will be remembered!!

  41. Congratulations to all the important players on successful completion of the North Over bridge. The execution of the Kochi metro project has been commendable this far and I am sure will continue longer.

    Few suggestions :-
    1) Please make sure that all the strategic factors – Operating Model, Finance Model, Support Model – are all sustainable for ever and will not be disrupted easily with few political decisions.

    2) The practices in Safety and Security of passengers and trains must be implemented based on the international learning and best practices. This should include monitoring, early detection of faulty systems, ability for passengers to report accidents or criminal activities efficiently etc.

    3) Finally, I hope that the usual red tapes and governance inefficiencies do not creep into the system !

  42. while implimentinge gardens /landscapes or trees plse insure aryaveuppe trees alomost instead imported have very pottencial to reduce global warming.

    • We will do that Sir

  43. I had a chance to travel in Singapore and London metros. I like the system followed in Singapore as there is a separate door in between rails and platforms that gives more safety to the passengers. Hope this feature can be append in future in Kochi Metro as well, if it is not included in the current phase as safety first.

    My humble request is, all the metro stations should be developed with adequate facilities like parking, shopping, Bus, Taxi, Auto etc. I would suggest to take up lands from small shop/house owners after evaluating their property and construct big shopping complexes with multi level parking in the bottom layers and shopping complex and office spaces in the subsequent floors. Above specified property owners should have priority to get one business area as per their contribution as a win-win situation. Shopping centres near to metro stations must have first priority to the shoppers, because it would be hassle free to them. And please note that vertical structure is the only option in front of Kochi city to grow. Request to implement this idea in any one of the metro station at least as a pilot project and I am damn sure this is not a new thought.

    Please note that the major challenge in the city after Metro project is parking problem like all other cities. Speciality of developed country is that common man is using public transportation other that the poor using private transportation.

    We have realized North RoB as a two lane associated with Metro rail project. In the similar way hope KMRL will take initiative to fulfil adequate parking facilities and other transportation links I believe. Requesting your kind attention in this regard and appreciated running this blogs to listening common man’s idea. All the best wishes to KMRL and Metro project.

  44. The punishment for the minor offence committed in metro should not be limited to a paltry sum of few hundred rupees, which most of the malayalees are able to afford. Until our people learn optimum civic sense, over and above the fine the offender should be slapped with few hours of manual labour like cleaning the platforms & restrooms as a deterrant.


  45. Hope Most of the stations that are on mid of the way can also used as foot over bridge to cross the road.

    Hanging plants across the line hanging outside to both sides is a good idea?

  46. I have a request that based on Dubai metro model it should connect with Cochin International Airport.

    • Yes Sir, we are connecting Cochin Airport in the next phase

  47. 1. Try to provide bicycle friendly stations which promotes the usage of green mode of transportation. Also suggest to provide separate paths/ elevated bridges to promote this healthy transport mode safely.
    2. Try to promote centralized call taxi facility along with gps, metering and navigation facility as apart of urban development like “she taxi”
    3. Try to provide pathway connectivity with various landmarks to promote hassle free walking during both sunny and rainy seasons. Try to attract private funding from nearby entrepreneurs for the same. We can utilize solar paneling to use air-con inside the same.
    4. Online ticketing app shall be a must to reduce the long waiting que expected on peak hours. Also try to implement various packages (with access to various attractions nearby) for attracting tourists to utilize the same.
    5. CCTV connectivity, On going traffic update, nearby location maps in each station, expected train timing display etc will be an added advantage with advertisement promotion scope.

  48. I request the KMRL authorities to ensure that:
    1. PSDs(Platform Screen Doors) be installed at all stations. This may bring up the initial expenditure. But the grave tendency of people to jump on the tracks could be averted.
    2. Special attention be given to parking spaces. Its only the provision to park and board the metro from stations nearby their homes which attract people to minimise their vehicle use.
    3. Metro Feeder services should be carefully planned.
    4. At terminal stations and major stations, please ensure more AFC gates as at peak hours/ office hours, queues can stretch very long. So additional entry points both at AFC level as well as security check-in level would ease passenger difficulties.
    5. Now very importantly, please ensure hygienic Washroom facilities at all platforms.

    • I agree with your point about adequate parking spaces. Since the city roads are already narrow compared to other cities in the counrty, introduction of a auxilary transportation mode should be augmented by proper infratructure for parking spaces. Separate parking complexes can be build near stations most likely to be crowded more.
      Besides this being labelled as a move towrds greener city, it must be ensured that as many trees be planted which were uprooted during the construction phase.

  49. Hi,

    Hope there will be fine/penalty for misusing metro fecilities. If there is no fine people will take the international fecilities provided for granted. Also cleaning facilities should be taken care. Especially during monsoon season. Hope CCTV will be installed on all nook and corners.

    Best regards

  50. Thankyou for providing a chance to share our ideas.
    Please ensure the safety of all passengers by placing metal detetor in all stations and cameras inside the train and make a limit to carry baggages. we should have the safety measures in Kochi Metro like in an airport.

  51. Kindly place clocks showing the time and LEDs showing the minutes left for the next train in each station.
    Also announce the next station inside the Metro train, first in MAlayalam and then in Hindi and English.
    Please don’t allow eatables inside the Metro train not even chewing gums.
    Allot one compartment to ladies in the Metro train and keep the rest as general compartments.
    Try to avoid paper tickets and introduce the cash recharge card swipe method to help keep the Metro train and stations neat and clean.

  52. Hi,
    Please build metro stations in international look….

    Thank You.

    • Of course, we will have metro stations with international look. When we say that the local architects will design the stations according to our culture and tradition, it does not mean we will have stations designed in Kerala architecture, instead, they will designs, inspired by our culture & tradition, understanding the climatic conditions

      • Dear KMRL,
        Apart from the world class infrastructure, it’s highly important that we offer a world class service.
        Personally me being an employee of a reputed rail network, it’s highly important that we maintain a good standard in the service we offer.
        I believe each point to the future is taken care of with plan.

      • Dear KMRL,

        when your team will reveal the designs of Stations ?

        It will be a disaster if you engaged the local architects to design stations . remember the pathetic look of Kochi air port building design. For God sake dont let that happen in the metro.

        Metro stations should be best in India .

        Good Luck .Cheers

        • We assure you that the station designs will be contemporary, modern and simple. KMRL believe that our Architects will only know more about the climatic conditions of Kerala, the direction of wind, possibilities of natural lights etc better that any others. They have done a great job. Please wait for few more days!!!

  53. Please reserve one seat on either side of a raw of seats for use by disabled, senior citizens, pregnant ladies as available in Singapore Metro. Seats in between these seats can be used commonly by all.

  54. Try providing facility for the disabled and physically challenged people to access the metro(what i meant is about people using wheelchairs etc.). Lift provision wouldn’t seem to be enough. Similar to the escalator path, a path can be designed for those people so that even they can easily access the metro. I’m not sure if any such thing is already planned or not. If not, then do consider.

  55. 1.Thank you KMRL for making this site user friendly.

    2. A joint venture with Ghadi Gramodyag make KMRL premises an eco-friendly.(eg) use leaf cups,plates,cloth bags etc. promote tender coconut water instead of might be useful if you provide child feeding room’s in station.

    3. provide ticket counter’s at outside city,beside main traffic areas, junctions,bus stops,inside malls,tech parks..etc it will reduce struggles and tensions of passenger at peak hours.

    4. For warning purposes use LED lights instead of paints and colored tiles at floor,ceiling, side walls.

  56. We don’t have secure foot path in most of the junctions in kochi. Normal people like us, ladies and aged people can’t walk though these foot path. The Bike, car etc.. are taking these foot path. Please make sure to build safety foot path in the juctions you are building the metro stations

  57. Is there any Transit Orieted Development study conducting along the Metro corridor?I think its high time KMRL has to give a brief about the study to the public to develop an overview about the Kochi TOD case senerio…..
    Jinson J Koottungal

  58. Please provide at grade or multilevel paid parking facilities near to all stations. PPP model could be examined? Hope stations have escalators for public and lifts for physically challenged persons.

    • Thank You so Much for the idea. We are seriously considering PPP model for multilevel parking as the land availability in Kochi is a serious problem. Yes, we will have escalators and elevators in all stations

      • National Building code of India (NBC) and People with disabilities Act 1995 and Kerala Housing and Habitat policy mandates accessibility in the built enviornment.This law is intended for people with disabilities who use Wheelchair for their travel.platform level with the train door entrance in all stations, Side walks,Curb cuts,Ramps and elevators can solve Wheelchair accessibility very easily.Singapore and Dubai Metro are the best examples for Wheelchair accessibility.
        Implement a theme(that has a link with kerala and Malayalam/malayalee culture)for each station.It can be in colour, art or paintings/Scenic photos etc.
        Joseph Thomas

  59. Let us use green construction material like mineral additive to restricate minimum use of cement.

  60. Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been
    blogging for? you made blogging look easy.
    The overall look of your website is great, as well as the

    • Thank You

  61. Sir, Please Ensure to avoid suicidal attempts(Jumping into rails) in stations by restricting the access of public in rails by enclosing the stations by glass cage and should open only when train arrives(Like Dubai Metro).

    • Yea, we have taken measures to avoid such unpleasant incidents. We will have platform screen doors in Kochi Metro

  62. 1. Try to provide a waste bin inside the cabins
    2. Avoid paper tickets. Use something else
    3. Due to the fact that malayalees used to put coconut on their hair, Make
    sure that it will not stick on the side glass ( like in AC volvo)

    4. Better one
    Put radio system on coaches also make sure it will be working as well(not like low floor non AC )

    Aslo. If possible try to open a dedicated metro radio station with KOch AIR. Since it will be a profit mechanism to our AIR.

    5. Avoid Tiles and granites on metro stations… It will be too bad to see them on rainy seasons.

    6. Try to include boards and other notices inside the station in MALAYALAM ( dont name like mobility hub )


    station design kerala styilil anennu keattu. ABHINANDANAGAL…….

  63. Thank you for user-friendly website. It would be nice if KMRL could include a countdown timer in the website. By this one can know how many days are left for meeting its deadline of 1095 days.

    Thank You.

    • Thank You.. We will consider that

  64. KMRL should allow passengers to take cycles along with them in the metro,and assign cycle tracks wherever possible while widening the existing roads. This will make Kochi Metro more eco friendly.

  65. Bangalore metro has got a very specific name reflecting the local culture and lingo (namma metro ). Cant kochi metro follow same norm and sufflx a local word which will make all local people and keralites proud?

    • Its Kochi , not Cochin. Are we not proud of our city..?? The name of Our Metro will take out city’s name to all places..!!

      • Fully support. Our city name Kochi (what a beautiful name) should be the name of the metro.

        • KMRL is better than any names. No need to change the name

  66. Offer a seasonal ticket to those who regularly travel, to avoid last minute run for ticket and thus lessen rush at counters.

    • Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider this

  67. A payed wi-fi access both at station and inside the train.

  68. Consider solar panel-fitted roofs over the tracks (or over the stations at a minimum). One of the arguments put forward by guys sceptic about this project was regarding its power requirements and the power-deficiency of the state.

    • We are doing it. Thanks for the suggestion

  69. A metro line through Marine drive and Banerjee road should be planned immediately as it will bring more usage to metro. Such a line will cater to the Maharajas College, Law College, St. Teresas College, St. Alberts, the District Courts, The Public Parks,Broadway, Marine Drive, High Court, the Vypeen Islands, theatres like saritha, Sridhar etc. This can reduce a huge load of traffic into city. Similarly a line connecting the airport is a necessity and the earlier it is done, the cheaper it will be as multi-storied buildings are starting to be constructed in and around Nedumbassery.

  70. Sir, I am living in dublin and london, like trams and metro(underground tubes) in most european countries. I have comments 2subjects, Marketing tickets there should be single tickets, and to and fro tickets9 ( DAY RETURN) are discussed in cochin metro. There can one day unlimited journey ticket, one week tickets, one month tickets, like metro+cochin bus(lowfloor) ticket combination, one day unlimted bus)metro travel tickets, one week, one month season tickets can be considered for mutual benefit of metro and public budget

    2nd subject- hygeine, Dont allow food deinks items in the metro, and must be toilets in each stations, but sucj refreshmentstalls allow separately in front of stations, but the refreshments/teas snacks must be drink eat only outside station,
    3 dont allow Lottery, book sales, beggers/ means act of begging inisde the metro stations and while travel
    Hope that you may notice these points

  71. please plant and grow some creepers on the metro pillars. Or after some time, someone may stick posters on it.

    • We will use that space for commercial purposes

  72. You should formulate an integrated transport policy alongside the state government. A separate bus transport agency should be formed for Kochi Urban Agglomeration/Ernakulam District and following the hub and spoke model in major global cities, there should be bus stops at the foot/ entrance-exit of every metro station and feeder services to the metro. There should be a single agency to regulate the timing/frequency of trains and buses and the routes of buses like the Land Transport Authority of Singapore. + As a second line (or even third) would be necessary in the not too distant future, major stations like Vytilla and Ernakulam South should be designed in such a manner that another line could be accomodated.

  73. Hi,
    I had sent a message on your official website that we need to showcase our metro to the world and make it a unique one. This can only be achieved by considering all the small things. For starters, we could have given a more aesthetic pillars. I have seen the metro in Bangalore and honestly, the pillars look horrible and take the charm out of the metro train. Try to put some innovative design into the pillars and make it stand out. Take a look at some of the pillars done for Dubai metro and you will know what I am talking about. Also, please make sure it is handicap friendly throughout the station and coaches. There should be card (cashless) system in place from day 1 onwards. All these things can make us stand out of the other metros. Anyone can build a metro, but we should make a metro for everyone else to follow ! All the best !

    • Yes, Hareesh.. We are building our metro to set as a standards for others. We will definitely have Aesthetic designs for our station and it will be done by the architects from Kerala who understand our culture better. We will definitely have handicap friendly facilities also. Thanks for the suggestions.

  74. platforms and boggies must be always clean and tidy and beggars free

    • Sure, We are committed to keep the premises of Our Metro clean.

  75. I would like to suggest setting up of a glassed protection between the station platform and the train so the during rush hours no person is pushed before the train arrives. It can also prevent suicide attempts. There has been suicide instances in Bangalore where such a system is not available. This system is available in the Dubai metro.

    • Dear Roshan, its very nice and very convenient method also. but I think,that is very expensive . Even In Delhi metro couldn’t provide such felicity at the station platform. In India, only n Airport Express line, such felicity is available. it is manageable there because of the less passengers in that line. it would be fine if in Kochi became ready to provide such felicity. Lets hope good..!!

  76. An elevated walkway from MahaRajas college station to Jetty in marine drive with access to business colleges along the way will be help for pedestrians. these walkways can be sponsered buy the business along the way. building elevated walkways all over the city with the help of local business will be great feeder for Kochi metro.

  77. plan for shopping complex or stalls at the station. OR food stalls

    • We are planning some commercial spaces for revenue generation. Thanks for your suggestion

      • Hi,

        As KMRL is planning for commercial spaces, you should make sure that the stations,metro boggies are occupied with sufficient waste disposal bins as the main cause of waste in train is because of the food. Please don’t allow platform sellers in metro stations.

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