Issue: April 2019


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Events and Updates

Solar Power Plant

KMRL has conquered yet another milestone on its green route. Metro authority inaugurated ground-mounted solar power plants at its Muttom yard on 01 April 2019, in a leap towards doubling its existing solar power production capacity. The event was inaugurated by MD Shri APM Mohammed Hanish IAS, in the presence of several other dignitaries. The plant comes with a capacity of 2719 kW, which can help KMRL save Rs 1.2 crores every year on electricity charges.

Cycle stand

In order to improve last mile connectivity and to encourage a healthy lifestyle, KMRL has introduced bicycle stands with parking and locking mechanism at its stations. The facility can be availed free of cost and can be accessed at 22 locations, across stations, except Maharajas Ground. Metro commuters can park their cycles safely at designated locations before travel.

Metro on Google Map

On 12 April 2019, KMRL launched an open data policy to improve the public’s access to its services. The rail authority now shares information pertaining to stops, routes, schedules, fares and the like, which are converted into the universally accepted GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) standard. GTFS feed is now live on Google maps. Through this format, transit data can be consumed by a wide variety of software applications. Better planned journeys will help KMRL promote public transport and enhance the use of Metro by the public.

Water Metro progress

KMRL’s ambitious water metro project is making steady progress. Land acquisition is underway and tenders have been invited for the project

STAMP winners

KMRL’s STAMP Data Innovation Challenge 2019 was a huge success and Team Hyperpro and Team Sukriti were announced as winners. KMRL, in collaboration with WRI India Ross Center and the Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) finalised winners of the open innovation challenge after much deliberation. The teams came out with solutions addressing connectivity gaps in the city's transportation system, for both commuters and transit agencies.

Metro construction progress

As Metro’s construction nears completion, the time is almost here for commuters to witness the city's beauty from Maharaja's Ground to Petta. Over 85% of the work has been successfully completed.

Data Analytics

“Intelligent CPS Data Analytics Platform for a Metro Rail Transport System,” a joint research programme of Kochi Metro Rail Limited, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology (RSET) and Jyothi Engineering College, Thrissur, was launched in Ernakulam in late February. Through the initiative, KMRL hopes to make Kochi a world-class metro city by incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and data analytics techniques over its various transit-related data.

Union Bank inauguration

Union Bank of India inaugurated its latest branch at the Changampuzha Park metro station early this year. Shri. Rajkiran Rai G, Managing Director & CEO of the bank inaugurated the branch in the presence of Shri. APM Mohammed Hanish IAS, MD, KMRL. With the opening of the new branch, banking will become easier and more accessible to commuters.

MD's Column

Powering a Greener Future

Shri. APM Mohammed Hanish IAS

Managing Director
Kochi Metro Rail Ltd

KMRL has always envisaged a special form of development that takes into account the environment and the people. Since inception, we have taken several measures towards making the city greener and creating more sustainable growth. Be it our tree-planting initiatives, organic farming or solar-powered stations, a greener planet has been at the core of our vision. Taking a step forward in furthering this vision is the recent installation of ground-mounted solar panels at Muttom yard. KMRL has been sourcing energy from solar panels installed over 13 metro

stations and Muttom depot. With the inauguration of an additional solar power plant, we hope to meet nearly 44% of our energy requirements from solar energy, which also means saving close to Rs 1.2 crores every year on electricity charges. The present plant has a capacity to generate about 10,332 units per day on an average, at Rs 3.66 per KWH or unit, doubling the existing solar power production capacity. The first phase comes with a plant capacity of 2671 kW and the second, of 2,719 kW. In the case of the second plant, KMRL has entered into a contract with AMP Solar Ventures Private Limited, who will make capital investments as well as take care of its operations and maintenance, for a period of 25 years. And it does not end there.

Within the next year, we also hope to enhance energy neutrality with solar power generation to about 60% by adding another 5,445 kW of capacity.

Following a review meeting in the presence of Hon’ble Chief Secretary, Govt. of Kerala, it was inferred that

the gap between revenues and operating expenditure per day is narrowing. This is indeed a great sign of Kochi Metro’s healthy operation. In the near future, with the commissioning of both Thykoodam and Petta stations, we hope to achieve equilibrium between both income and expenses. In other words, KMRL is on the fast road to achieving a breakeven and being positive in its day-to-day activities. If we achieve this milestone, KMRL will become the second rail authority in the country, after the massive DMRC, to accomplish this feat.

We are continuously striving towards becoming an economically, commercially and environmentally viable mode of transportation. Kochi Metro has become synonymous with sustainable development in more ways than one. Through our relentless efforts in reinforcing an eco-friendly transportation system, we have contributed significantly towards making the city less polluted and more greener. Through conscious efforts, KMRL inches its way forward towards a future it envisioned. A greener, cleaner, safer one.