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Over 78 percent of Land for Metro Rail Acquired – The New Indian Express

The district administration has so far acquired 78.2 per cent of the total land required for the Kochi Metro Rail project.

At a review meeting of the traffic coordination committee held in Kochi on Thursday, Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) managing director Elias George said 31.587 hectares of land has been made available for executing the work.

“The total land requirement for the first phase of Kochi metro rail project is 40.409 hectares. Negotiations have been made with more than 300 landowners by the district administration. The land has been offered for the project by the landowners basically on an advance possession basis, pending finalisation of the formalities,” George said.

He said this was one of the fastest land acquisitions ever undertaken not just in Kerala, but in India for such a huge capital intensive project.

“Negotiations for acquiring the remaining land are at a very advanced stage and will happen soon,” Ernakulam District Collector P I Sheik Pareeth said.Regarding the disruption of work by certain workers union at the casting yard of Kochi metro rail, Elias George said they had sought the protection from the police force.“The workers have the right for organising strike, but they are not supposed to take law on their hands and threaten the contractors and try to manhandle them. Hence, we have requested the police intervention in this regard,” he said.

Pareeth said the trade unions have been given time till February 10 to take a decision. “A high-level meeting will be convened and we hope that the work-related issues will be solved soon,” he added.


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