FAQ KOCHI 1 CARD - Kochi Metro Rail Ltd.


Trip is a journey made between fixed origin station and fixed destination. (Fixed origin and destination stations are to be chosen at the time of adding the Trip Pass).
Trip Pass is a fare product which can be added in Kochi1 Card. Trip pass can be used to travel between two fixed stations (chosen at the time of issuance) at the cost of deducting a trip instead of available balance.
Cost of Trip Pass= (No. of Trips in Pass Type X SJT fare – Applicable Discount). Eg. The cost of 60 trip pass for Aluva- Maharajas Aluva to Maharajas Single journey fare =Rs 50. (taking 33% discount applicable for 60 Trip Pass) Cost of Trip Pass= (No. of Trips in Pass Type X SJT fare – Applicable Discount). = [(60 X 50)- 33% of (60 X 50)] = (3000-990) = Rs 2010
There are two types of Trip Passes as below: A. 30 Trips Pass with 30 days validity and 25% discount. B. 60 Trips Pass with 60 days validity and 33% discount.
The validity associated with the trip pass is given below: A. For 30 Trip Pass- 30 days from the day of issuance. (inclusive of issuance day) B. For 60 Trip pass- 60 days from the day of issuance. (inclusive of issuance day)
Remaining trip (if any) shall also be lapsed.
Yes, refund shall be calculated as per the below given formula: Refund Amt = {Cost of Active Trip Pass- (No of used trips X SJT fare)- Administrative charges*} *Now Administrative charges are nil. Note: Once the trip pass is refunded, new trip pass can be issued only for the remaining limit of the month for the Kochi1 Card i.e. Max. Rs.3000 per month.
No, refund amount shall be credited back to EMV card host balance.
After renewal of trip pass, the refund shall be calculated on the renewed trips only. E.g. If a passenger got activated 60 trips pass and having 20 remaining trips at the time of renewal, So the total no of trips will be 80 after renewal. Now if somebody wants to get the refund of the trips, the refund of only 60 Trips (Trips in active trip pass type) will be provided remaining trips shall lapsed. Note: Refund amount shall not cross the monthly limit of the Kochi1 Card. i.e ₹ 3000 per month including the available balance in card.
Trip Pass can be availed by both the existing and new Kochi1 Card users.
Yes, for fare deduction criteria refer table given in next question
S. N Entry From Exit at Fare deduction
1 Either of the fixed stations Any station upto other fixed station Trip
2 Either of the fixed stations Beyond other fixed station Card Balance with 20% Discount
3 Other than fixed stations Any station (including fixed stations) Card Balance with 20% Discount
4 A fixed station At the same fixed station Trip
Yes, A trip pass can be renewed with the exactly same trip pass type before finishing the last trip or trip pass validity whatever occurs first. After renewal remaining trips shall be added to the renewed trips and validity get reset from the date of renewal.
Maximum twice of the trips in a trip pass type can be accumulated after renewal.
No, fixed stations can’t be changed once the trip pass is issued.
Only one type of pass can be added at a time in Kochi1 card.
Trip Pass can be added in EMV card at any TOM/EFO in stations.