IURWTS - Kochi Metro Rail Ltd.


IURWTS (Integrated Urban Regeneration and Water Transport System Project)

Purpose of the Project:
  1. To renew & rejuvenate the major canals in the city of Kochi;
  2. To reclaim the river edge as a public asset, improve its spatial structure & restore the city’s relationship with the Canals;
  3. To create an efficient & durable infrastructure which could poster new activities in addition to supporting the current one; and
  4. To develop canal network for inland navigation, tourism and recreational purpose

Canals in this project – 34.98km:

  1. Edapally Canal – 11.23 km
  2. Chilavannoor Canal – 9.88 km
  3. Perandoor Canal – 11.15 km
  4. Thevara Canal – 1.41 km
  5. Market Canal – 0.66 km
  6. Konthuruthy Canal – 0.65 km
Areas of Canal & Canal Bank Development:
  1. Canal Bank Infrastructure Development
  2. Canal Development
  3. Other Ancillary Infrastructure Development
Canal Bank Infrastructure Development:
  1. Reconstruction of Roads along the Canal
  2. Construction of Jetties
  3. Construction of Foot Over Bridges
  4. Canal Beatification with landscaping and promenade development
  5. Construction of Road Bridges
  6. Construction of OCC and Testing Lab
Canal Development:
  1. Canal Cleaning
  2. Canal Deepening and Widening
  3. Canal Shore Protection
  4. Canal Lock Arrangements


Other Ancillary Infrastructure Development:
  1. Non-Motorized Transport and Last Mile Connectivity
  2. Navigational Aids
  3. Signage’s, Markers and Wayfinding
  4. Navigation facilities for Passengers and Tourism
  5. Solar Installations
  6. EV chargers and Electrical Systems
Canal Oriented Development (Edappally Canal)