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General FAQs

What is Metro Rail?

Metro Rail is a Mass Rapid Transport System (MRTS).

It is a convenient, fast, efficient, reliable, modern, user friendly, comfortable and affordable mode of urban transport.

It is safe and eco-friendly.

It is electric and requires only 1/5th energy per passenger km compared to road based transport systems.

Brings about a more equitable allocation of road space by encouraging greater use of public transport.

Provides point to point connectivity.

Why Metro Rail in Kochi?

Ministry of Urban Development predicts an average city speed of 6 to 8 kmph by 2030, which is the speed of a morning walker, if urban transport is not properly planned and developed now.

The present transport facilities are inadequate to handle every day demands.

Gridlocks and congestion are routine now; they result in wastage of manpower, fossil fuels, increase pollution and act as dampeners to economic development.

The traffic snarls force people to spend time on the road which they would otherwise spend with their friends and families.

Further road development is very limited owing to geographical and demographical limitations.

Therefore alternate modes of urban mass transport and multi modal integration have to be planned.

The Kochi Metro Rail Project is the first move in such a direction in Kerala.

Accessing jobs, education, livelihoods and other social needs from the outskirts into the business centre of the city would become less time consuming and quality of life will increase for the urban population.

The average citizen would get a reliable, safe, economic, comfortable, user friendly and punctual mode of transport at affordable rates.

Why elevated Metro Rail?

Metro rail can be underground, over ground or elevated.

In Kochi the feasible one is elevated metro rail.

The train would run on rails over the roads, supported by pillars that would take up only 2.5m width at the centre of the road.

Who will use Metro Rail?

Every one in Kochi will use it.

It will be accessible to all including physically challenged.

The average citizen, who spends tedious unproductive hours in the crushing rush of buses, cars and other vehicles, would welcome the fast and comfortable metro rail.

What is the capacity and speed of Metro Rail?

The metro train will have three cars.

Each car can accommodate around 200 passengers.

It will travel up to a speed of 90 kmph.

Standard gauge rail of 2.9 width will be used.

From station to station the running time will be approximately two minutes.

The total running time from Aluva to Petta will be approximately 50 minutes. By road Tripunithura to MG Road takes 2 hours during peak hours and Alwaye to MG Road takes more than 2 hours. These distances will be covered in 15 minutes and 30 minutes respectively.

Is Metro Rail safe?

Yes, absolutely.

Which all are the stations?

1. Aluva

2. Pulinchodu

3. Companypady

4. Ambattukavu

5. Muttom

6. Kalamassery

7. Cochin University

8. Pathadipalam

9. Edapally

10. Changampuzha Park

11. Palarivattom

12. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

13. Kaloor

14. Lissie

15. M.G Road

16. Maharaja’s College

17. Ernakulam south

18. Kadavanthra

19. Elamkulam

20. Vytila

21. Thaikoodam

22. Petta