Photo Contest Entry Rules - Kochi Metro Rail Ltd.

Photo Contest Entry Rules

  1. The contest will open 3rd April, 2018 and the closing date for submitting entries is 12th April,2018.
  2. The contest is open to all. Every contestant must register on our website. A non-refundable fee of Rs.1000/- will be charged at the time of registration.
  3. Upon successful registration, you will be issued a special photo travel pass which will have to be collected personally from the KMRL office. This card will give you free access into Kochi Metro for 3 days of your choice ( 3 hours a day) during the contest period. The card will permit you to take pictures inside the Kochi Metro during the contest period.
  4. The theme of the contest is ‘Nammude Kochi Metro’ showcasing how Kochi Metro has positively influenced the lives of Kochi citizens, and changed the way this city will be remembered forever. The aim is to create a stunning collection of images that showcases the transformative impact of Kochi Metro on the citizens and culture of Kochi city. The best images will be featured in the Kochi Metro 365 Coffee-table book to be released to celebrate the first year of Kochi Metro operations. Contestants can choose themes that portray the transforming force of Kochi Metro from within or outside the Kochi Metro premises.
  5. Each contestant can upload up to two entries. Each entry should be uploaded on the website along with a caption and concept note.
  6. The contest will be judged by an eminent jury team. Their decision will be final.
  7. The awards will be as follows: First prize: Rs. 50,000, Second prize: Rs. 25,000, Third Prize: Rs. 15,000, 6 special jury awards: Rs.10,000 each.
  8. The contestant must be the copyright holder of the uploaded pictures.
  9. A picture can only be entered once. Pictures submitted more than once will be removed from the contest.
  10. The photograph should be original work of the contestant and should not have been published earlier.
  11. Pictures must meet the following specifications: (i) Upload images with the original pixel size (min resolution 300 dpi). Do not scale and do not change the resolution.  (ii) Must be uploaded in .jpeg/.jpg/.png format with high quality compression. These pictures will be used for high quality reproduction in print or otherwise.  (iii) Each uploaded photo not to exceed 10MB size.
  12. Pictures must not show the name of the photographer or any other information (these details can be included in the metadata of the pictures but must not be visible on the picture itself).
  13.  All pictures must have accurate captions along with a concept note, written in English only, and should sufficiently explain the picture to the reviewer.
  14. The content of a picture must not be altered by adding, rearranging, reversing, distorting or removing people and/or objects from within the frame. There are two exceptions: (i) Cropping that removes extraneous details is permitted; (ii) Removing sensor dust or scratches on scans of negatives is permitted.
  15.  Adjustments of color or conversion to grayscale that do not alter content are permitted.
  16.  Only entries uploaded and submitted via the entry website will be accepted.
  17.  The contestant will have to submit one printed copy of their photo at the KMRL office on. 8th Floor, Revenue Tower, Park Avenue. Kochi. 682011. These photo(s) must be neatly sealed inside an envelope and should mention your name along with registration details on the cover.
  18.  Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) will be the exclusive copyright holder for all the photographs submitted for this contest. By way of participating in this contest, all contestants grant the KMRL unlimited exclusive use of high- resolution & low-resolution pictures for activities in all media, including social media, online and print, exhibitions, books, magazines, the public & non-public archive, and all promotional, educational & research activities for and under the auspices of the KMRL, without any remuneration being due. Due credits shall be given to the owner of the photograph as and where KMRL deems necessary.
  19.  The copyright holders represent and warrant that submission of the pictures does not breach any law, and further that no third party can hold any claims or any objections regarding the rights granted to KMRL. The copyright holders will hold KMRL harmless of any claims from third parties related hereto.
  20.  The contestant agrees to take proper permissions of person(s) featured in the photo and grant the rights for the same to KMRL without any conditions.
  21.  KMRL reserves the right to alter / make changes in the entry rules of Photo Contest as per its own discretion.
  22.  The Entry Rules and any dispute, proceedings or claim of whatever nature arising out of or in any way relating to the Entry Rules (including any non-contractual disputes or claims), shall be governed by Indian law.
  23.  Any dispute arising from the Entry Rules (whether contractual or non-contractual) shall be decided solely and exclusively by the competent court of Ernakulam.
  24.  The conditions set out in the Entry Rules are binding, and KMRL reserves the right to refuse or exclude any entry at its own discretion.