STAMP - Kochi Metro Rail Ltd.


STAMP Challenge 2019: the Kochi Data Innovation Challange

and submit your solution for better accessibility to the metro


a prestigious grant testing your solution and be part of the STAMP cohort


pilot in collaboration with Kochi Metro Rail

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and submit your solution for better accessibility to the metro

Gain access

o a global network of industry leaders and experts

Winning applications will be decided by a panel of that comprises of different experts including representatives from KMRL and WRI. Applications will be judged based on the following criteria.

1. Measuring the innovation in the product/service
2. Vision for larger implications of the product/service
3. Practicality of implementation and technological feasibility
4. Assessment of real use to the city/agency

Incentives to The Winning Applications
1. Research Grant/Prize money for 3 teams (Each Track) (Will be sponsored by sponsors/WRI)
2. Opportunity for the team to work with the city or agency and other mentors to evolve the product/service
3. Opportunity to integrate the product/service with existing platforms that interact with citizens
4. WRI will ensure continued mentorship and support to the team.
5. KMRL will support at its sole discretion maximum of three selected applications/concepts/projects for further development and deployment on mutually agreed terms.