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Ready to take a ride on Kochi Metro? Dos and don’ts to keep in mind

It’s a dream come true for Kochites as the Metro begins its inaugural journey on Saturday morning. Prime Minister Narendra Modi sets the ball rolling when he makes his journey on the Metro.

Here are the dos and don’t to keep in mind:

* It is important to keep the train and metro station premises neat and tidy at all times.

* Passengers should maintain a safe distance between the train and platform, and should not cross the yellow line marked on the platform.

* Always give seats to senior citizens, handicapped passengers and pregnant women

* Travelling illegally in the metro without the metro ticket can invite a fine of Rs 50 or imprisonment upto one month.

* Carrying dangerous objects inside the metro or its premises is not allowed. This will attract a fine of Rs 5,000 and imprisonment upto four years.

* Smoking and drinking at the station is not permissible. Drunk passengers will be fined upto Rs 500.

* Taking pets as well as carrying eatables to the metro station are not allowed.

* Painting on the wall or drawing in the train, sticking any kind of posters, or writing in the metro premises are considered an offence, leading to an imprisonment of upto six months and a fine of Rs1,000.

* Passengers are not allowed to sit on the floor of the train or interfere with the comfort of any other fellow passenger.

* Always remember that the train stops only for thirty seconds at one metro station. The doors will automatically be closed after thirty seconds and passengers should never try to forcibly open the doors of the train.

* While there is a fine of Rs 5,000 or four years imprisonment for obstructing the metro operations, any unauthorised entry to the train will lead to three months of imprisonment or a fine of Rs 250.

 * And finally, any kind of damage caused to metro rail properties can land you in prison for 10 years.
Compiled by Sherene Joseph